Leanne’s Black & White Pattern Dress

Coronation Street

Leanne's Black & White Print Dress - Corrie - Episode - SoapStyleLeanne's Black & White Print Dress - Corrie - Details - SoapStyle

The details on Leanne’s black and white print dress, worn in Coronation Street.

Although things seem to be going from bad to worse for Leanne at the moment, we have been appreciating the character’s style of late. Leanne wore a chic monochrome print shift dress whilst attempting to entertain Simon and his friends in the Bistro. This dress was also worn for Deirdre’s funeral back in July 2015.

Our match is the ‘Mono Palm Print Shift Dress’ from a past season at Oasis.

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Featured: 17 Jul 2015
Also featured: 12 Aug 2015 & 2016