Alya’s Monochrome Zebra Print Top

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Picture of Alya Nazir wearing her zebra print top in Coronation Street

The details on Alya’s zebra print top worn in Coronation Street.

Who could have missed Alya’s top in this week’s Corrie? Featuring a bold black and white pattern on lightly textured material with an on-trend high neckline, this has appeared in a few episodes since its debut in June 2016 and was seen again throughout May and October 2017, then May 2018. We’re not surprised it quickly sold out from here after we first featured it.

Alya regularly completes the look with a black pencil skirt in faux leather material.

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Featured: 13 Jun, 28 Sept 2016 // 13 Feb, 10 May, 25 Oct 2017 // 23 May 2018