Alya’s Floral Embroidered / Tapestry Coat

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Alya's Embroidered Coat - Corrie - Episode - SoapStyleAlya's Floral Embroidered Coat - Corrie - Where From - SoapStyle

We have the details for Alya Nazir’s gorgeous embroidered duster coat, worn during multiple episodes of Coronation Street.

If there’s one question we’re guaranteed to receive after Alya has been on screen, it is: “Where is her coat from?” We can’t blame you because the character has some great clothes! We’ve already found her waterfall coat plus her faux fur collar coat, so now it’s time to give you the details on her equally popular tapestry style duster coat / blazer.

Our match above was from Topshop stores during early 2014 and was seen again in 2018!

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Featured: 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2018