Grace’s Orange / Red Zip Pocket Shirt

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We have the details on Grace Black’s (Tammie Wall) orange blouse with zip pockets, as worn in Hollyoaks.

As far as major character transformations go in Soapland, Grace and Trevor’s has to be some of the most drastic; from gangsters to desperate parents-to-be. We like seeing an occasional softer side to Grace but admit to finding Trevor’s “Mr Good Guy” act a bit difficult to get used to.

One thing that has remained consistent is Grace’s style and she wears some great blouses. The above one has featured in several episodes and the match we found was from Oasis. Note that Grace often wears the sleeves rolled down… but also note how she’s styled uncannily like the model pictured above!

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Featured: 21 Oct 2014
Also featured: 12 Aug 2015