Chrissie’s Leopard Print Scarf

Chrissie's Leopard Print Scarf in Emmerdale - SoapStyleChrissie's Leopard Print Scarf in Emmerdale - Details - SoapStyle


The long leopard / animal print scarf worn by Chrissie in Emmerdale on Tuesday 10th November, marking our first Chrissie fashion find by popular request!

We’ve always loved Chrissie’s style, but we haven’t always had the best of luck obtaining IDs for her wardrobe compared to other characters. During Tuesday’s episode, she wore a striking long flowing scarf with animal print and dark maroon border.

The style match we sourced above was from the Dune accessories range, originally priced £35. The product picture is a little misleading and makes the scarf look much smaller than its actual 200cm x 93cm measurement. Unfortunately this has sold out.

Featured: 10 Nov 2015