Tina Carter’s Sandwich Print Dress


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Tina’s bold cartoon print dress, as seen in EastEnders.

We probably all thought that Sonia and Tina getting together was inevitable at some point. Although we’ve been proved right, it has been good to see Tina impart some good advice and not act quite as immature recently. It’s a nice side to the character although she continues to wear some weird and wonderful things at times – this dress is no exception.

Featuring a bold cartoon style sandwich print, it’s by Lazy Oaf (the label responsible for all the Batman bodycon dresses you may have previously seen in the press) and called “Load of Baloney” – love it! Tina first wore this on screen early 2014.

Featured: 29 Apr 2014
Also seen: 5 Dec 2014, 17 Apr 2015 & 23 May, 1 Nov 2016