Tina’s Black Cat Vest Top


Tina Carter's Kitten Top in EastEnders - SoapStyleTina Carter's Kitten Top - Details - SoapStyle

We have found Tina Carter’s cute black cat (kitten) vest top, worn during multiple episodes of EastEnders.

It’s always fun trying to find out where Tina’s clothing comes from – the character has such a weird and wonderful style and it’s often quite a challenge!

We’ve been asked a few times about her black kitten vest top and our response has always been that we think it’s from H&M. Well, thankfully a reader on our facebook page tracked it down and confirmed our theory! It was in stores around 2013 (we remember Tina wearing it quite soon after her introduction) and now out of stock.

Featured: 2014
Also featured: 2016 & 12 May 2016