Tanya Branning’s Clothes & Style


The clothes worn by the character Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner) in EastEnders; including her jackets, tops & shoes.

As a business woman and owner of ‘Booty’, Tanya Branning was often seen in smart outfits that had a hint of vintage styling. The bubbly character was rarely seen without a pair of heels on; even when simply running errands in the Square. Her clothes were always a hit and even inspired the beginnings of SoapStyle…

Tanya’s Heart Cardigan

Picture of Tanya Branning wearing her red & white heart cardigan in EastEndersPicture of a match for Tanya Branning's red and white heart cardigan in EastEnders

Tanya wore a lovely red and white heart cardigan during some crucial scenes in Dec 2012 / Jan 2013. Who could forget that crash? The discovery of Ava? Derek blackmailing Tanya to split Lauren & Joey up? Tanya attempting to cover-up ‘Jouren’s’ forbidden love? It was all high drama in the run-up to Christmas!

This one had us searching high and low… Mainly because we wanted the cardigan too. We went on a mission, found it, secured it… even built a website about it! We know it was popular with you too as it quickly went out of stock after we featured it on SoapStyle’s first ever page.

Our match was from the fashion label Shikha London and available in grey and navy variations at the time.

Featured: Dec 2012 & Jan 2013

Tanya’s Navy & Red Blazer

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Tanya - Navy & Red Military / Nautical Jacket BlazerSoapStyle - EastEnders - Tanya - Navy & Red Military / Nautical Jacket Blazer

Viewers may have noticed that blazers became Tanya’s ‘thing’, after moving on from the black waistcoat she always used to wear. We’re just glad she had a better taste in blazers than she did men; Phil Mitchell anyone?

This little military number (or nautical, depending on your opinion) was from a past season at H&M and seen in a few episodes.

Featured: 18 Mar 2013

Tanya’s Floral Tie-Neck Sleeveless Blouse

Picture of Tanya Branning wearing her sleeveless blouse in EastEndersPicture of a match for Tanya Branning's sleeveless blouse in EastEnders

In the build-up to Jo Joyner bidding farewell to the square, everything started falling apart for Tanya Cross. She just couldn’t seem to do the right thing and ended up trying some very odd tactics out of sheer desperation. That said, her wardrobe game remained on-point right up until her exit.

The above blouse from here was one of Tanya’s favourites.

Featured: 19 Jun 2013

Tanya’s Polka Dot Red Heels

Picture of Tanya Branning in red polkadot heels during EastEndersPicture of a match for Tanya Branning's high heel shoes in EastEnders

Tanya was seen throwing off this particular pair of heels after chasing Lauren Branning through the Square during her alcoholic storyline. We loved the vintage feel of these Red Herring shoes and so did our readers; they sold out almost immediately!

Featured: 27 Jun 2013

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