Stealing Dot’s Things

Who’s Been Stealing Dot’s Things?

Ok folks, this may seem a bit random but thought we’d put this up as a quick Sunday funny. Thing is, there is one search term that we see almost daily, which is: “Who has been stealing Dot’s things?” We recognise that someone, somewhere is either very concerned for Dot’s welfare, or is genuinely perplexed by that particular story line. We thought we’d pick up on this and provide the concerned soul with the answer.

It was Fatboy (aka Arthur Chubb) whilst he was sleep walking. He was responsible for ‘stealing’ Dot’s ham during a midnight raid of her fridge – much to the delight of Cora Cross when she witnessed a naked Fatboy walking from the kitchen in his mobile slumber. We actually answered the question in our article about Poppy’s Sail Boat Jumper, but it doesn’t look like the person(s) has found it.

Hope we have solved a mystery for you dear concerned reader.

Have a good weekend!