Stacey’s Red Dress


Stacey's Red Dress - EastEnders - SoapStyle

Here’s an update on Stacey’s red dress with zips, as worn during multiple episodes of EastEnders.

We’ve been asked lots of times over the past week about Stacey’s red dress with zip pocket detail, as seen during Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders whilst Stacey was cutting Shabnam’s hair. Unfortunately this is probably an older wardrobe item. We’ve noticed that the character Stacey has worn quite a few clothes that were purchased when Lacey Turner first returned to the Square, so that dates them back to mid-late 2013! You can see her green dress also worn this week as another example.

So we’ll be honest and say that whilst we don’t currently have a definite ID, our thoughts are that Stacey’s red dress is unlikely to still be in the shops.

Looking for Stacey’s other red dress? We have the details here.

Featured: 13 Jan, 12 Feb 2015 & 26 Dec 2016