Shirley’s Meoow Top - EastEnders - Shirley's Meoow Top


We have the details on Shirley’s fun ‘meoow’ slogan top, as seen in EastEnders.

Cor, what an episode! Think it has been a while since so much happened at once in EastEnders, although we were more traumatised by Tramp’s demise and Abi’s chilling response to Emma… Could this mean she should be considered a genuine suspect in the Lucy case? Only time will tell.

After the dramatic events at Phil’s, Shirley could be seen wearing the above ‘Meoow’ slogan top. Most people are probably a bit surprised by this choice, given the seriousness of the storyline. We think the intention was that Shirley had rapidly grabbed the nearest thing to change into. We also think it may have been left lying around by Tina, given her love of all things cat-related. We certainly couldn’t imagine Shirley picking this off the rails!

The above top was £14.99 from H&M earlier in 2014.

Featured: 3 Oct 2014