Sharon’s Purple Wrap Blouse


Sharon Mitchell purple wrap blouse EastEnders - SoapStyleSharon's Purple Wrap Blouse in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Details on Sharon’s embellished purple blouse, worn in EastEnders.

Before going any further, let’s tell you that this is an older blouse. We remember seeing it on screen quite some time ago so -you’ve guessed it- the exact one will not be available in the shops. We think this colour really suits Sharon; even though she was rather coordinated with Ian’s entire living room in the scene pictured above!

The match we found was from here, featuring the same gorgeous royal purple colour with embellished cuffs.

Note: The cami worn underneath might have been swapped for a black one.

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Featured: 18 Aug, 22 Sept & 7 Dec 2015