Roxy’s Long Beaded Necklace


Roxy Mitchell's Beaded Necklace in EastEnders - Episode - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's Beaded Necklace in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Details on Roxy Mitchell’s (Rita Simons) long beaded necklace with peace symbol, worn during EastEnders.

Roxy seems to love her 90’s style jewellery! The beaded peace symbol necklace with tassel that she wore during Thursday’s episode took us right back. Last night wasn’t the first time we have seen this necklace on screen; the character has worn it quite a few times often paired with her favourite Hamza hand necklace.

Our match above was from Topshop. We don’t have an exact date when it was originally available, but we know that Roxy first wore this way back in 2013.

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Featured: 6/11 Aug 2015
Also featured: 17 Sept, 20 Nov 2015 & 2 Jun 2016