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Lucy’s Cat Stud Earrings – EastEnders

Did Lucy Beale wear cat earrings? We have the answer!

In Monday’s episode, Tina came across a stray cat earring in Jake’s, Alek’s and Tosh’s flat. No one seemed to know who it belonged to – but little did they know how significant it actually was…

We were curious about this, as from memory alone we couldn’t recall if Lucy had ever worn cat earrings. We admired her triangular drop ones in her final episodes, but hadn’t noticed any others. We set about looking through some of our old images and we have to hand it to the costume and wardrobe department – low and behold in all the last official publicity shots of Hetti Bywater as Lucy, she is wearing gold cat stud earrings! Not only that, but her hair is purposely tucked behind one ear so we can see them. Lucy also wore them around the time she caught Lee Carter kissing Whitney in the recreation ground.

Ok, they may have used a slightly different pair for the publicity shots, but we hope that has solved the mystery for anyone else who wondered about this. It does raise another question though: Just when – and how – did Lucy lose an earring in that flat..?


Lucy Beale was played by Hetti Bywater.