Lauren Branning’s Jumpers, Sweaters & Cardigans


Lauren Branning’s cosy cardigans and over-sized knitwear were always a hit with the character’s fans! Here is a round-up of the most popular jumpers, sweaters & cardigans we found and ID’d up until the character left Josh behind to pursue a new adventure in 2018.

The Burgundy Cross Jumper

Lauren's Burgundy Cross Jumper - EastEnders - Episode - SoapStyleLauren's Burgundy Cross Jumper - EastEnders - SoapStyle

Do you remember when cross prints and motifs were all the rage in 2012? It was around that time when Lauren was nearly always seen wearing her crucifix earrings, tartan coat and the above jumper from New Look.

Still love the look? A few pop-up for sale here occasionally.

Featured: 2013, 2014 & 8/22 Jan 2015

That Grey & Black Lace Sweater - Lauren's Grey Jumper With Black Lace - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Lace Jumper - Where From

We were always asked where Lauren’s grey sweatshirt with black lace panel was from. We finally tracked it down and ID’d it as Red or Dead, originally available in 2012. We were quite surprised to see it sometime later when Stacey borrowed it. Who’d have thought we would ever see the day where Lauren would lend Stacey her clothes?!

Featured: Nov 2013 & 18 Sept 2014

The Black, Red & Cream Knitted Jumper - EastEnders - Lauren's Black, Red & Cream Mix Knit Jumper - 17th December - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Black, Red & Cream Mix Knit Jumper - 17th December - Where From

This black, red & cream knitted jumper dates back to 2012 and likely purchased from River Island the same time as Lauren’s cosy black and grey stripe cardigan.

Featured: 17 Dec 2013 & 3, 12 Feb 2015

A Black & Grey Stripe Cardigan

Lauren Branning's Black & White Stripe Cardigan in EastEnders - SoapStyleLauren Branning's Black & White Stripe Cardigan in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Lauren’s fluffy black and grey stripe cardigan from River Island was her go-to lounge wear and worn during a number of episodes from 2013-2015.

Featured: 2013, 24 Apr 2014 & 9 Feb, 2 Oct 2015

This Red Black / Navy Stripe Jumper - EastEnders - Lauren's Red Black Navy Stripe Jumper - 18th November

Lauren wore this jumper a lot before SoapStyle began, up until around 2013 when it was eventually retired. Affectionately (?) referred to as her ‘Freddy Krueger’ jumper by fans, it was from Topshop sometime back in 2011… we said it was an old one!

Featured: 18 Nov 2013

A Fluffy Zigzag Pattern Jumper - EastEnders - Lauren's Aztec Zig Zag Pattern Jumper - 11th November

This cuddly jumper from Cameo Rose was a new addition to Lauren’s wardrobe in 2013. It’s past-season, but we found a near identical match available here.

Featured: 1 Nov 2013 & 16 Jan 2014

A Khaki Green Open Knit Jumper - EastEnders - Lauren's Khaki Green Jumper - 7th November

This relaxed khaki green open knit (or ‘ladder’) top was from Primark and worn whilst in the throws of her and Jake’s torrid affair.

Featured: 7 Nov 2013 & 6 Jan 2015

The Stripe Cardigan - EastEnders - Lauren's Maroon & Cream Cardigan

Pictured when Lauren shared a glass (or three) of wine with Kirsty Branning, this chunky knit cardigan from Next had a sparkly metallic thread running though it.

Featured: 19 Feb 2013 & 9 Jan 2015

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