Johnny Carter’s Clothes & Style


The clothes worn by the character Johnny Carter in EastEnders.

Johnny Carter (first played by Sam Strike) originally had quite a good sense of style. However, we’ll have to admit we have become a bit bored with the character’s more recent wardrobe and have stopped covering it as a result. We’ll add new items if his outfits move on from being such a snooze-fest.

Johnny Carter’s Blue Hooded Jacket - EastEnders - Johnny Carter's Blue Hooded Jacket - 28th March - On Screen

Back in 2014, we were quite excited at the prospect of Johnny working in Sharon’s new bar and thought it could be the start of a nice friendship between the pair… but it was short lived and now the characters barely speak to each other.

At the time, Johnny’s jacket caught our eye and we ID’d it as the ‘Skinner Hooded Coat’ by Farah Vintage – a label that is also an apparent favourite for the character’s Dad, Mick Carter (played by Danny Dyer).

Featured: 28 Mar 2014

Johnny Carter’s White & Black Star Print Shirt - EastEnders - Johnny Carter's Star Print Shirt - On - EastEnders - Johnny Carter's Star Print Shirt - Where From

During his time dating Luca, Johnny regularly wore the above River Island roll sleeve shirt with a small black star print. It was actually one of our faves, but could you imagine the character wearing this in his latest reincarnation? No. He would be more likely wear a cable knit cardi…

Featured: 10 Jul 2014

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