Jack Branning’s Clothes & Style


The clothes worn by the character Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) in EastEnders; including his shirts & jackets.

Despite predominantly living in the East End, Jack Branning has tended to favour clothing more befitting for a country gentleman. There was a point when he would only be seen in smart corduroy blazers and buttoned-up shirts. Recently though, the character’s look has evolved into something a little beyond his years (Jack’s knitted waistcoats, anyone?) so we hope he returns to his former sense of style soon.

Jack’s Tan Corduroy Jacket

Jack Branning's Tan Corduroy Cord Jacket in EastEnders - SoapStyleJack Branning's Tan Corduroy Cord Jacket in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Back in 2013, Jack was often seen sporting a classic corduroy jacket that received lots of viewer interest. It was from the Autumn/Winter 2011 range by Marshall Artist.

Featured: Apr & 15 Oct 2013

Jack’s Quilted Jacket

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Jack Branning Jacket & StyleSoapStyle - EastEnders - Jack's Black Quilted Jacket

Jack Branning underwent a slight style transformation earlier in 2013. He wore far less suits and opted for this quilted jacket paired with a smart shirt, or a chunky knit cardigan.

The character initially wore a Luke 1977 jacket. However, we had a sneaky suspicion that the logo was a bit too obvious (a prominent gold lion’s head). Following one episode where Max, Alfie and Jack had a drink to drown their marriage sorrows in the car lot office, it looked like the logo had been covered. Did it get a black marker treatment? The character later swapped it for this jacket from Marshall Artist.

Featured: Apr 2013

Jack’s Chunky Knit Jacket


At one point Jack regularly wore this chunky navy knitted jacket (seen here during one of many times he squared-up to Phil in the garage). We found a very close match from the Dissident label.

Featured: Mar 2013

Jack’s Toggle Neck Jumper

Jack Branning's Toggle Neck Jumper in EastEnders - SoapStyleJack Branning's Toggle Neck Jumper in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

We actually think Jack looked his best around this time; he had a smart new haircut and his outfits were really well put together. The above chunky knit was from the Duffer St. George label.

Featured: 16 Apr 2013

Jack’s Light Khaki Shirt

SoapStyle.co.uk - EastEnders - Jack Branning's Shirt in Khaki / Stone - 8th AugustSoapStyle.co.uk - EastEnders - Jack Branning's Shirt in Khaki / Stone - 8th August - Where From

We received a few enquiries about Jack’s shirt and revealed it was from established menswear brand Luke 1977, which is often featured in menswear magazine editorials.

Featured: 8 Aug 2013

Jack’s Grey T-Shirt

SoapStyle.co.uk - Jack's Grey T-Shirt - 10th September

This was another Luke 1977 addition to Jack’s wardrobe and the t-shirt is called (wait for it) ‘Trouser Snake’. Ooh err.

Featured: 9 & 10 Sept 2013

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