Jack’s ‘Blue Steel’ Look

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Jack Branning Blue Steel


You can’t help but feel for Jack. He genuinely wants to make a future with Sharon, but she’s still hung-up on Phil. Goodness knows why; history I guess. Jack’s given Sharon more chances than he would naturally give anyone else. He wants to settle down for the long-term and enjoys being a father figure for ‘Dennnnyyyy’.

Things came to a head in the court room after the Lola/Lexi vs. Phil Mitchell hearing in Tuesday’s episode. For a while at least, it may have seemed that Sharon realised there’s no future with Phil and Jack is The One. Let’s face it – she arrived back in the square with nothing, but was quick enough to shack-up in Jack’s flat, then start calling the shots… Jack has even given up his bedroom for her son!

Anyway, we all know she’ll end up back with Phil playing happy families before long. Tanya and Jack are a much better match, but with Jack’s (Scott Maslen) departure due later in the year, this may not happen (again)… or will it? Tanya (Jo Joyner) is also due to depart. Mmm… let’s see. In the meantime, we accidentally caught a screen shot of this classic look from Jack. Derek Zoolander has nothing on him.

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Featured: Mar 2013