Donna’s Tribal / Aztec Print Dress


Donna wearing her Aztec print dress in EastEndersPicture of a match for Donna's Aztec print dress in EastEnders

A style match for Donna Yates’ pink Aztec print dress, as worn during EastEnders.

Donna is potentially one of the more interesting characters recently introduced in EastEnders. We hope she has a bit more screen time to come, as we enjoy her cutting banter with Bianca – not to mention the fact that she clearly has quite an eye for style.

Donna wore a pink aztec print dress that most fashionistas will probably already be familiar with — this print is everywhere! Several labels brought out a very similar design and you can find listings here.

Featured: 4 Jul 2014
Also seen: 2015, 2016 & 23 Mar 2017