Bianca Jackson’s Outfits


Clothes worn by the character Bianca Jackson / Butcher (Patsy Palmer) in the Soap EastEnders; including her jackets & jumpers.

You couldn’t always tell that Bianca was meant to have been a fashion student due to her largely unpopular wardrobe. However, believe it or not there were some items that we received interest in! We waded through the metallic puffer jackets and hideous leggings to get IDs on the following…

Bianca’s Red & Yellow Floral Biker Jacket

Picture of Bianca wearing her red floral print biker jacket in EastEnders

In 2014 we had a week of episodes about the wedding-that-wasn’t for Carol and we waved farewell to David Wicks (we’re still glad he didn’t get killed off). Bianca wore this bold red biker jacket over her wedding outfit. We received lots of interest on Facebook about this at the time and ID’d it as the ‘Rock Out Floral Biker Jacket’ by Jovonna earlier the same year.

Featured: May 2014

Bianca’s Watercolour Flower Jacket

Picture of Bianca wearing her floral bomber jacket in EastEnders

It’s a shame Bianca didn’t wear this Vila bomber jacket more often because it could still pass for being on-trend today!

Featured: 30 May 2014

Bianca’s Fluffy Cream & Red Aztec Jumper

Picture of Bianca wearing her fluffy Aztec jumper in EastEnders

Bianca went through a phase of loving Aztec prints and the above jumper was one of the last additions to her *cough* bold wardrobe. This fluffy eyelash aztec jumper with sparkly gold thread was from the Parisian concession at New Look during late 2013.

Featured: 9 Jan 2014

Bianca’s Fluffy Pink Bird Jumper

Picture of Bianca wearing her pink fluffy bird jumper in EastEnders

Bianca returned to the Square back in 2013 with a new man in tow (Terry Spraggan) and sporting a cute fluffy pink jumper. We were not planning on writing about the character initially, but after about the third time this jumper appeared on screen and surprisingly many requests, we ID’d this as Primark.

Featured: 5 Nov 2013

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