Abi Branning’s Clothes & Outfits

in EastEnders

Clothes worn by the character Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald) in EastEnders; including her tops & dresses.

Abi’s outfits were not always a success with viewers. Some commented that her clothes were a bit too childish at times. However, a few wardrobe items still sparked some interest during her time on the Square.

Here is a round-up of Abi’s most popular outfits that we found before the character’s sad departure in January 2018…

Abi’s Bird Print Blouse

Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald) wearing her bird print blouse in EastEndersThe bird blouse worn by Abi Branning

Back in 2013 we noticed that Abi finally had some new additions to her wardrobe. Her massive heart jumper was eventually packed away (see last) and replaced with tops like this one. We hoped this might have signalled a style shift for the character, from the slightly immature outfits to more age-appropriate clothes.

This lovely bird print silk blouse was from Warehouse. It later became a favourite; with approximately ten or more appearances. We were regularly asked about it!

Some auction and ‘Buy it Now’ listings for this popular shirt still pop-up occasionally. You can check if any are available via our tailored search here.

Featured: 10 Jun 2013, 7 Nov 2013, 23 Feb, 30 Jul, 23 Nov 2015 & 28 Mar, 6 Jun, 18 Oct 2016 & 2 Jan, 23 Oct 2017

Abi’s Grey Wrap Coat

Abi's grey wrap coat in EastEnders - SoapStyleThe grey wrap coat worn by Abi in EastEnders - SoapStyle

The character first debuted this smart grey wrap coat back in February 2016 and lots of our readers wondered where it was from. Our match above was from here. It appeared on screen again in November and throughout 2017.

Featured: 25 Feb, 10 Nov 2016 & 2017

Abi’s Floral Check Shirt

Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald) wearing a black check flower print shirt on TV in EastEnders

This ‘Chelsea Girl’ River Island top was first seen on screen back in September 2014 and was worn by Abi during a number of episodes.

Featured: 19 Sept, 10 Oct 2014 & 24 May, 29 Jul, 11 Oct 2016 & 15 Aug 2017

Abi’s Blue Bird T-Shirt

Abi Branning's Blue Bird Tee in EastEnders - SoapStyleThe blue bird tee Abi Branning wore in EastEnders - SoapStyle

Abi had a penchant for cute prints; particularly ones with a bird or floral theme!

We had a hunch that this may have been an older wardrobe item when we first featured it in 2015 and we were right. This was from New Look, possibly as far back as 2012! Abi later wore this again in April and September 2017.

Featured: 11 Aug, 15 Sept 2015 & 27 Apr, 8-12 Sept 2017

Abi’s Rose Print Peplum Top

Abi's floral peplum top in EastEnders - SoapStyleThe floral peplum top Abi wore in EastEnders - SoapStyle

Our match was from New Look mid-late 2014 and was often paired with the cardigan pictured above.

Featured: 26 Jan, 27 Jul 2015 & 25 Feb 2016

Abi’s Floral Co-ord Top & Skirt

SoapStyle.co.uk - EastEnders - Abi's Floral Top & Skirt - On ScreenAbi's Floral Top & Skirt - Where From

Amongst all the drama surrounding Sharon’s wedding, Abi wore the above two-piece floral print outfit with black collar detail. Both the top and skirt are by Pink Soda, which was available exclusively from BANK Fashion.

Featured: 29 Sept 2014

Abi’s Green Dress – Jane & Ian’s Wedding

Abi's Green Dress - EastEnders - Close Up - SoapStyleAbi's Green Dress - EastEnders - SoapStyle

Abi wore a gorgeous embellished emerald green dress during some crucial Live Episode scenes at the Brannings’ house. We received so many enquiries about this and found a match from Dynasty London, originally available from here.

Want to see more Soap wedding outfits? Click here to view them.

Featured: 17 & 18 Feb 2015

Abi’s Pink Butterfly Print Onesie

Abi's Pink Hoodie Onesie - EastEnders - SoapStyle

We first featured Abi’s comfy-looking pink hoodie onesie with butterfly print back in February 2015. It wasn’t seen on screen very often, but we always received enquiries when Abi wore it. Our match above was from NEXT back in late 2014.

Featured: 26 Feb 2015 & 20 Sept 2016

Abi’s White Butterfly Dress

soapstyle-eastenders-abis-butterfly-dress-27-august-onscreenAbi's butterfly print dress in EastEnders

We’re now going back to the time when Abi wore much younger-looking outfits…

This multicoloured butterfly print dress from New Look was first seen when ‘the gang’ (Abi, Jay, Lola and Peter) went on their camping trip in 2013.

Featured: 27 Aug 2013 & 11 Jul 2014

Abi’s Bow Jumper

SoapStyle.co.uk - EastEnders - Abi's Grey Bow Jumper - On Screen

This grey bow jumper with sparkle detail was from NEXT. By the way, that’s Kirsty Branning pictured in the foreground. Remember her?

Featured: 22 Apr & 11 Nov 2013

Abi’s Heart Jumper

Abi's heart jumper in EastEnders

Who could forget Abi’s huge heart jumper? The character wore this so many times, that we lost count! It was originally from the Misumi concession at New Look sometime in 2012.

Featured: Feb & Nov 2013 & 2014

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