Sally’s Pink Suit Jacket

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Sally's Pink Suit Jacket in Coronation Street - Episode - SoapStyleSally's Pink Suit Jacket in Coronation Street - Details - SoapStyle

The details on Sally Webster’s (Metcalfe) pink suit jacket, worn in Coronation Street.

We absolutely love Sally’s “power” dressing. Given the amount of requests we received for this, it seems the answer to Sally’s question “Do you like my new suit?” is a resounding “Yes”.

The match above (not “zhooshed-up with an extra pair of shoulder pads”) was originally priced £59 from M&S. It was first in stores around March 2015 and has sold out.

Featured: 24 Aug 2015
Also seen: 29 Jan, 7 Mar, 12 Aug, 9 Nov 2016 & 22 Sept 2017