Maria Connor’s Light Blue / Mint Lace Jumper

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Maria's mint green / blue lace jumper in Coronation Street - SoapStyle

Want to know where Maria Connor’s (née Sutherland) light blue jumper with lace, as seen in Coronation Street is from? We can tell you.

Maria was wearing a delicate light blue / mint jumper with lace-like panel detail in tonight’s episodes of Corrie. The good news is, we can tell you it was originally from here.

The bad news is that this jumper is a much older wardrobe item. We first featured this back in April 2014 when we found out it was bought in early 2013.

Featured: 14 Apr 2014
Also seen: 6 Apr 2015 & 4 Nov 2016