Kylie Platt’s Clothes & Outfits

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

The clothes and outfits worn by Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) in Coronation Street before her departure from the Cobbles on 20th July 2016.

Kylie’s Doughnut T-Shirt

SoapStyle - Corrie - Kylie's Doughnut Tee - In EpisodeSoapStyle - Corrie - Kylie's Doughnut Tee - Where From

Kylie was well-known for her fun wardrobe and this doughnut print t-shirt proved popular with viewers. Worn a few times during Kylie’s stint on the cobbles, this was purchased from Primark in 2014.

Featured: 20 Oct 2014

Kylie’s Baseball Cold Shoulder Top

Kylie Platt's Varsity Baseball Top in Coronation Street - Episode - SoapStyleKylie Platt's Varsity Baseball Top in Coronation Street - Details - SoapStyle

This top ended up being a focal point during Callum’s demise in the dramatic live episode in September 2015. Featuring a graffiti “Talk To Me” slogan over a black and white photographic print, this was from here.

Featured: 21 & 23 Sept 2015

Kylie’s ‘Woke Up Like This’ Jumper

Kylie's Woke Up Like This Jumper in Corrie - Found - SoapStyle

This was an old favourite for the character. Our match above was from H&M and appeared on screen multiple times since Kylie’s return in 2015.

Featured: 2015 & 27 Jan 2016

Kylie’s Grey & Pink Heart Jumper

Kylie Platt's pink heart jumper in Corrie - SoapStyleKylie Platt's pink heart jumper in Corrie - Details - SoapStyle

Often worn by Kylie, this was from H&M way back in 2013!

Featured: 7, 9 Oct & 7 Dec 2015

Kylie’s SELFIE Christmas T-Shirt

Kylie's Selfie Christmas T-Shirt in Corrie - SoapStyleKylie's Selfie Christmas T-Shirt in Corrie - Details - SoapStyle

Kylie did love a good social-themed slogan top! Christmas Day 2015 was no exception with the above sparkling SELFIE tee. Geddit? Our match was £9 from BHS.

Featured: 25 Dec 2015

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