Katy Armstrong’s Clothes & Outfits

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

The clothes, outfits and fashion worn on TV in Coronation Street by the character Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote).

Katy had just started to curate some really popular outfits when the character left the Cobbles in March 2015. Here are some of the character’s clothes that we ID’d.

Katy’s Black Embellished Top

Katy's Black Sequin & Bead Embellished Top - Corrie - Episode - SoapStyleKaty's Black Sequin & Bead Embellished Top - Corrie - SoapStyle

Katy wore an eye-catching sparkly top whilst waiting for her date with bad boy Callum in the newly-refurbished Bistro. This was definitely one of those times where neither the product image or our screen shot did the item of clothing justice – this top looked more lovely in ‘real life’.

The match we found was part of a shorts co-ord outfit from Miss Selfridge, originally priced £45.

Featured: 6 Feb 2015

Katy’s Faux Fur Collar Coat

Katy's Fur Collar Coat - Corrie - SoapStyleKaty's Fur Collar Coat - Corrie - SoapStyle

Katy’s departure for Portugal was probably one of the most drawn-out farewells we have seen in Soapland to date! Katy practically lived in her cute faux fur collar coat whilst circling Callum and debating whether or not to leave Weatherfield. Our match above was from Miss Selfridge back in 2014.

Featured: 2015

Katy’s Pink Bow Jumper

Katy's Pink Bow Jumper - On Screen - Corrie - SoapStyleKaty's Pink Bow Blouse - Corrie - SoapStyle

Whilst helping the Windass family move into Carla’s old flat and sharing a celebration bevvy, Katy wore the above light pink jumper from Miss Selfridge with three bows to the front.

Featured: 21 Nov 2014

Katy’s Large White Fluffy Knit Cardigan

Katy's Large White Fluffy Knit Cardigan in Coronation Street - SoapStyle

This cozy knit oversized cardi was from BANK Fashion and sold out after we first featured it.

Featured: 5 May 2014

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