Julie Carp’s Tops & Jumpers

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

The tops and jumpers worn by Julie Carp (Katy Kavanagh) in Coronation Street.

Julie’s Stripe Bow Jumper

Julie's Stripe Bow Jumper - Coronation Street - Where From - SoapStyle

Whilst accusing Mary of shoplifting and then being left to cook their tea (poor kids) back in February 2015, Julie wore a bold stripe jumper with little black bows. The match we have is the ‘Bowie Stripe Jumper’ (get it?) from here.

Featured: 18 Feb 2015

Julie’s Pink Jumper With Jewel Necklace

Julie's Pink Necklace Jumper - Corrie - SoapStyleJulie's Pink Necklace Jumper - Corrie - Where From - SoapStyle

Whilst attempting to eat the “chewy” dinner she had prepared for Sophie and Mary, Julie wore a gorgeous pink lightweight sweater with a luxuriously jewelled neckline. The match we found above (oh and apologies for the comedy screen shot, but we couldn’t resist) was from Ted Baker mid-late 2014.

Featured: 16 Feb & 8 May 2015

Julie’s Black & White Polka Dot Top

Julie Carp's Black Spot Top in Corrie - SoapStyleJulie Carp's Black Spot Top in Corrie - Details - SoapStyle

Julie first wore this bold monochrome spot top and statement necklace (details here) whilst on a date with Dev Alahan. The above match that we have found is another gorgeous item from here.

Featured: 13 Mar, 28 Nov 2014 & 15 Jun 2015

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