Bethany’s Cropped Jacket Cover-Up

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Bethany's floral bodycon dress in Coronation Street - SoapStyleBethany's cropped soft jacket in Coronation Street - Where From - SoapStyle

The details on Bethany’s soft cropped jacket / cover-up as seen in Coronation Street.

If you are a fan of Bethany’s lovely outfit in this week’s Corrie, then you might like to know we’ve updated the details in our original post to now include an ID on a match for her cropped soft jacket.

Cover-ups are always handy wardrobe items and this one is available in a few different colour options to wear with many more outfits. For the details on where you can get it on sale, see our post here.

Featured: 1 & 3 Aug 2016