Courtney Campbell’s Clothes & Style


A round-up of Hollyoaks’ science teacher Courtney Campbell’s clothes we have ID’d since the character’s introduction to Hollyoaks Village in 2016.

Courtney’s Badged Khaki Jacket

Courtney's badged khaki jacket in Hollyoaks - SoapStyleCourtney's badged khaki jacket in Hollyoaks - Where From - SoapStyle

Shortly after she hit our screens, the feisty character wore a distinctive patch badge ‘shacket’ from Topshop earlier in 2016. If this seems familiar to you, it might be because Sonia Albright wore a denim jacket from the same collection!

Featured: 29 Aug, 12 Oct 2016 & 6, 11 Apr 2017

Courtney’s Embroidered Red Tartan Shirt

Courtney Campbell wearing a red tartan print shirt in Hollyoaks

Courtney wore this River Island red tartan print shirt with pretty black embroidered detail on a night out in April.

Featured: 6 Apr 2017

Courtney’s Black Embroidered Bird Shirt

Courtney Campbell's black bird blouse Hollyoaks

Courtney’s vintage tattoo-style embroidered Swallow shirt with sheer dobby mesh yoke panel immediately caught our eye during April 2017. This was from River Island earlier the same year. Love it? We found similar online from here.

Featured: 5 Apr 2017

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