Leyla’s Turquoise & Yellow Floral Jacket / Blazer


Leyla Floral Blue Jacket - Emmerdale - Episode - SoapStyleSoapStyle.co.uk - Hollyoaks - Maxine Floral Blazer - 29th July

We have the details on Leyla’s blue and orange floral print blazer, as seen in Emmerdale.

You might already recognise this if you’re a viewer of Coronation Street or Hollyoaks, as we featured the very same jacket after Andrea (Corrie) and Maxine (Hollyoaks) wore it! Repeats can and do happen across the different soaps, but we haven’t seen a more popular item of clothing in Soapland yet.

This jacket was originally from River Island way back in 2014.

First featured: 12 Aug 2015
Also featured: 20 Jul 2016 & 2017