Vincent’s Pint 562 T-Shirt

Vincent's (Richard Blackwood) Pint T-Shirt in EastEnders - SoapStyleVincent's (Richard Blackwood) Pint T-Shirt in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

EastEnders – 22 Sept & 3 Dec 2015

Details on a match for Vincent’s (Richard Blackwood) PINT 562 slogan t-shirt worn in EastEnders.

Vincent followed the success of his BE:ER O’Clock tee with another drink-themed top in Tuesday’s EastEnders, featuring a traditional pint crown stamp illustration. We can’t confirm the exact label, but have found similar designs on Amazon.

Update: Label confirmed! This t-shirt was from Twisted Twee and has been lovingly designed and made in the UK with a silk screen print on organic cotton – find it here.

Update: 3/12/15 – Worn again in tonight’s episode!

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For any parents out there, this is also available as part of a matching set with a ‘Half Pint’ top for the little one:

Prices and availability checked at time of writing and subject to change.