Lauren’s Khaki Green Open Knit Jumper - EastEnders - Lauren's Khaki Green Jumper - 7th November


Wondered where Lauren’s khaki green open knit top, as seen in multiple EastEnders episodes is from? We can tell you.

Although things have not been looking good for the Branning’s lately, we think Lauren has been looking great – particularly in the last few episodes. Lauren had quite a major wardrobe re-vamp on her return, which led to a few of you mentioning on twitter that you missed her old style. We’ll admit, we missed her trademark rock-chic look and biker jackets too…

So the good news is that Lauren has been wearing a lot of her older stuff lately – some jumpers even date back to over a year ago! The relaxed khaki green open knit (or “ladder”) top Lauren wore tonight is no exception. This is an oldie from Primark.

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First featured: 7 Nov 2013
Also featured: 6 Jan 2015