Lauren’s Black Wedge Ankle Boots

EastEnders - Black Wedge Ankle Boots

We have often been asked where Lauren Branning’s trademark black wedge boots are from. Regular viewers will know that the character has had these for a while, but we were sent a great picture via Twitter (thank you!), which meant we could get a much better look at the detail.

We’ve always been on the lookout for the exact ones, but have been unsuccessful due to these now being an older wardrobe item. A few months ago, @courtneybusby14 was kind enough to send us a link to a pair from Select Fashion, which we have included below.

Through our most recent search, the closest style match we came across is a pair from Debenhams as they feature a very similar gold buckle detail. This season is all about the Cowboy and Chelsea style so there are not many boots available at the moment that we would consider close enough matches. We have set up a tailored search in case any listings pop-up, which you can check here.

First featured: 2013
Also featured: 2014