Lauren’s Aztec Zigzag Pattern Jumper - EastEnders - Lauren's Aztec Zig Zag Pattern Jumper - 11th November


Wondered where Lauren’s fluffy aztec pattern jumper, as seen in EastEnders is from? We can tell you.

This cuddly jumper is another new addition to Lauren’s wardrobe. The character has been wearing some of her old things the last two weeks, so this makes a bit of a change. It’s nice that the cozy style isn’t too much of a departure from her previous look though, which we know most of you love.

If this jumper caught your eye tonight, it’s by Cameo Rose and was originally £24.99. Unfortunately, it’s past-season and no longer available. We have found a near identical match available here.

First featured: 1 Nov 2013
Also featured: 16 Jan 2014