Lauren’s Burgundy Cross Jumper


Lauren's Burgundy Cross Jumper - EastEnders - SoapStyleLauren's Burgundy Cross Jumper - EastEnders - Episode - SoapStyle

We have the details on Lauren’s burgundy cross jumper, as worn during January in EastEnders – it’s an old favourite!

Do you remember when cross prints were all the rage over a year ago? It was around that time when Lauren practically lived in her crucifix earrings and the above jumper, which was one of our very first finds on the original SoapStyle website back in early 2013.

Lauren / Jacqueline fans will likely already know that this is an old favourite often worn with her tartan coat that also made a re-appearance this week. The jumper was originally £24.99 from New Look and has long gone from the shops, but a few still get listed here occasionally.

Featured: 2013
Also seen: 2014 & 8/22 Jan 2015