Lauren Branning’s Tops, Shirts & Blouses


There was a time when Lauren (when played by Jacqueline Jossa) lived in tartan shirts and slogan tees. Here is a round-up of the most popular tops we found and ID’d from when SoapStyle began, up until the character’s farewell in February 2018.

The Embroidered Flower Blouse

Lauren Branning wearing her white embroidered flower blouse in EastEnders

First worn as part of Lauren’s smart new interview outfit back in October 2016, this blouse was later seen on screen again throughout the Christmas Day episode then again in 2017.

This lightweight top featured a sheer embroidered sweetheart insert panel at the front, finished with a button-back high neck collar. It’s such a timeless look and we were not surprised when it sold out very quickly from New Look after we featured it!

Missed it? There may be a second chance to find one here.

Featured: 18 Oct, 25 Dec 2016 & 4, 10 Apr 2017

A Smart White Pocket Blouse

Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) wearing a white blouse / shirt in EastEnders

Lauren returned to the ‘Square in August 2017 after spending some much-needed R&R time at her Mum Tanya’s place… and she wore a new top!

Lots of people expressed interest in this smart blouse with pocket flap detail. We originally found it available from here.

Featured: 28 & 29 Aug 2017

The Workdrobe Pink Ruffle Bow Blouse

Lauren Branning wearing her pink lace bow blouse in EastEnders

Lauren first wore this new outfit for her interview at Posh Josh’s place of work. The blouse went on to form a key part of the character’s office wardrobe until July 2017.

The match we found for her pink lace ruffle top with bow neck quickly sold out at ASOS.

Featured: 21 Apr, 25 May & 25 Jul 2017

A Casual Black & White Tie Dye Top

Lauren Branning wearing her long tie-dye top in EastEnders

This top was one of our favourites from her latest wardrobe. It vaguely reminds us of the print Carla would often wear in Coronation Street.

Featuring a striking tie dye design on a semi-sheer knit material, our match above was available from here when we first featured it in 2016. Lauren wore this through to 2017.

Featured: 17 Jun, 8, 29, 30 Aug, 6, 20 Oct 2016 & 27 Apr 2017

The Black & White Spray Paint Shirt Dress

Lauren Branning's black white oversize shirt in Eastenders

First worn when Lauren celebrated some good news after finding out that she had got an internship “at that fancy Design agency”, this outfit was seen on screen again during July 2017.

Featuring a striking stencil spray design, this 80s-inspired shirt dress was available from here.

Featured: 22 Nov 2016 & 18 Jul 2017

That Grey Saint Louis T-Shirt - EastEnders - Lauren's Grey Saint Louis T-Shirt - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Grey Saint Louis T-Shirt - Where From

We think you may be surprised about where this is from… Topman! Not the first time that Lauren was seen wearing a Topman tee. This one is an oldie, with Lauren having first worn this back in 2011 and often under her popular biker jacket.

We first featured it in 2013 and were very surprised to see Lauren wearing this again in 2016 and 2017. It’s a nice little touch, now that her son is called Louie!

Want to see Lauren wearing this t-shirt in 2011? Here’s a YouTube clip.

Featured: 13 Aug 2013, 16 Sept 2016 & 24 Jul 2017

A Navy Tiger T-Shirt

Lauren's navy tiger tee in EastEnders - SoapStyleLauren's navy tiger tee in EastEnders - Found - SoapStyle

Lauren wore a new t-shirt whilst flat-hunting for a home with baby Louie and Steven. Made from a jersey material and with a scoop neckline, this was stocked at ASOS and sold out shortly after we featured it.

Featured: 11 Jul 2016

The Stud Checked Tartan Shirt

Lauren Branning's Tartan Shirt in EastEnders - SoapStyleLauren Branning's Tartan Shirt in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Remember this shirt? It was definitely an old favourite for Lauren and one of our first ever fashion finds. It originally came from New Look in two colour variations; this one and another with green thread.

Unfortunately this shirt is long out of stock, but there may be a second chance to get one here.


Featured: 22 Mar, 17 Oct 2013 & 22 Aug, 4 Nov 2014 & 9 Jan 2015

A Grey Check T-Shirt - EastEnders - Lauren's Grey Check Tee - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Grey Check Tee - Where From

Tartan/check prints were Lauren’s go-to for quite some time. This ‘Washed Check Tee’ was from Topshop. Lauren’s top looks slightly blue in our image above, but it was definitely a grey colour.

Featured: 22 Aug 2014

The Pretty Heart Print Shirt - EastEnders - Lauren's Heart Print Shirt - 21st April - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Heart Print Shirt - 21st April - Where From

This lovely red / burgundy heart pattern shirt from New Look was only ever worn a handful of times, which was a bit of a shame.

Love it? We have previously found this shirt listed here.

Featured: 21 Apr & 9 Jun 2014

A Red Tartan Shirt / Blouse - EastEnders - Lauren's Red Tartan Shirt - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Red Tartan Shirt - Where From

Lauren wore this back in early December 2013, but it was already an old wardrobe item by then. We remember seeing it on screen around the time of Christmas 2012.

Made from a sheer material and featuring a collar chain (a big trend from mid-2012 onwards), it was originally from River Island.

Featured: Jan 2014

The Chicago 10 Baseball Tee - EastEnders - Lauren's Chicago 10 Tee - Where From

A similar style to her very popular American Football look ‘Paris New York Milan’ slogan tee (see below), this t-shirt was from New Look and quickly sold out after we featured it.

First featured: 12 May & 2 Dec 2014

A Red & White 17 Boston Sports Top - EastEnders - Lauren's Red 17 Boston Sports Baseball Top - 12th August - - EastEnders - Lauren's Red 17 Boston Sports Baseball Top - 12th August - Where From

So many people were interested in this over on our twitter! This bold red sports tee was from Topshop’s ‘Project Social T’ collection and was also popular with real-life celebrities at the time.

Featured: 12 Aug 2013

The Black LOVE Slogan T-Shirt


We had lots of requests for Lauren’s LOVE t-shirt when it was first seen on screen in August 2013. It required quite a bit of detective work, but we were able to track it down at Forever 21.

Featured: 8 Aug 2013 & 26 Aug & 3 Oct 2016

A ‘Paris New York Milan’ T-Shirt – EastEnders – Lauren’s Paris, New York, Milan American Football T-Shirt – 9th August – Where – EastEnders – Lauren’s Paris, New York, Milan American Football T-Shirt – 9th August – Where From

During a heart-to-heart with Max, Lauren wore this bold white and black sports tee from Miss Selfridge with a ‘Paris New York Milan’ slogan and black stripes on the sleeves.

This tee quickly sold out online after we featured it and went on to become a bit of a favourite wardrobe item for the character, appearing in several episodes.

Featured: 9 Aug, 2 Dec 2013 & 13 Jun, 26 Aug 2014

The Cute Green Bird T-Shirt

Lauren's Green T-Shirt With White Birds in EastEnders - SoapStyleLauren's green t-shirt with white birds in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Who knew a bit of dusty tinsel and a few mangled baubles could a glittering wedding venue make? Lauren managed to transform the R&R in a few hasty hours before Sharon’s nuptials back in 2013.

Just before the main event, Lauren wore a bright green tee with a very cute bird motif. Lauren wore this fan favourite from River Island many times between 2013 and 2015.

Featured: 11 Apr, 3 Jun 2013, 16 May 2014 & 2 Oct 2015

A Retro-Tastic Black & White ‘PRW Records’ Top - EastEnders - Lauren's PRW Records Tee - 3rd October - On - EastEnders - Lauren's PRW Records Tee - 3rd October

Remember when Lauren used to wear really trendy t-shirts? This retro 1988 inspired tee with Bruit Noir slogan was by Topman. Yep, this was another cheeky men’s tee in Lauren’s wardrobe.

Featured: 3 Oct, 19 Nov 2013 & 13 May 2014

An American Football T-Shirt - EastEnders - Lauren's Tampa Bay American Football T-Shirt - 29th November - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Tampa Bay American Football T-Shirt - 29th November - Where From

Worn when Lauren couldn’t keep herself away from Jake and Sadie, our match for this retro American Football t-shirt was by Junk Food.

Featured: 28 Nov 2013 & 15 Dec 2014

The Navy & White Stripe Top - EastEnders - Lauren's Navy & White Stripe Top with Elbow - EastEnders - Lauren's Navy & White Stripe Top with Elbow Patches

Lauren looked lovely in this navy and white stripe top from Topshop in 2012. Featuring preppy suedette elbow patch detail, this was a Breton top with a twist!

Featured: 4 Oct 2013

A Skull T-Shirt


We found a similar match for Lauren’s white t-shirt with studded skull motif from MANGO, but it may have only been seen on screen once!

Featured: 11 Sept 2013

The Blue & White Ombre Animal Print Top - EastEnders - Lauren's White & Blue Animal Print Vest Top - 3rd December - On - EastEnders - Lauren's White & Blue Animal Print Vest Top - 3rd December - Where From

This loose-fit swing style vest with ombre animal print was from Topshop and worn a few times before we featured it in 2013.

Featured: 3 Dec 2013

A Green Burn-Out Vest Top - EastEnders - Lauren's Green Vest - 12th August - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Green Aztec Vest - Where From

Lauren’s sheer green vest top with an Aztec pattern burn-out detail was originally £7.99 from H&M. This was styled layered over a darker vest.

Featured: 12 Aug 2013

A Blue & Black Mesh Crop Top - EastEnders - Lauren's Blue Crop Top - 13th August - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Blue Crop Top - 13th August - Where From

Part of Lauren’s R&R outfit worn under a faux leather gilet, Lauren’s structured crop top was from the Tokyo Doll label at New Look.

Featured: 13 Aug 2013

A Black & White Aztec Crop Top - EastEnders - Lauren Aztec Crop Top - On - EastEnders - Lauren Aztec Crop Top - Where From

Lauren was loving the monochrome Aztec prints back in 2014! During her show-down with Nancy Carter, Lauren wore the above crop top from New Look.

Featured: 11 Aug 2014

The Classic Stripe Sleeveless Shirt

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Jacqueline Jossa - Lauren's Purple Vertical Stripe TopSoapStyle - EastEnders - Lauren's Purple Vertical Stripe Top - Where From

Most fans would have seen this publicity picture of Jacqueline Jossa as Lauren back in 2013 wearing a sleeveless ‘Grandad collar’ top. This maroon (or ‘oxblood’) stripe top was from Topshop way back in 2012.

Featured: 5 Jul 2013

A Black & White Stripe Top

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lauren's Striped Top 2010SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lauren's Tartan Biker Jacket - In Episode

Bit of a historic wardrobe piece this one. Lauren was first seen in her stripe top way back in 2010, during that Christmas. You know, the big Max & Stacey reveal Christmas. So it goes to show that some of the older clothes got a bit of a dusting off every now and again. If you want to see it in action, check out the Max and Lauren Red Button special on this YouTube vid.

We are pretty sure this top originally came from New Look, as they did a nice line in Breton stripe tops around that time. Lauren later repeated the look with a newer version in 2017 & 2018.

Featured: 26 Apr 2013 & 14 Oct 2014

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