Lauren Branning’s Coats & Jackets

in EastEnders

The coats & jackets worn by Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) in EastEnders.

Lauren Branning’s outerwear collection has been one of the most popular in all the Soaps we cover! Who could forget her tartan coat and coveted biker jacket?

Here is a round-up of the coats and jackets we found and ID’d from when SoapStyle’s began, up until the character’s farewell in February 2018.

Lauren’s Tartan Coat

Lauren's Tartan Coat in EastEnders - SoapStyleLauren's Tartan Coat in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

This was one of our first ever fashion finds here on SoapStyle! Lauren practically lived in her tartan coat between its introduction back in November 2012 and ‘retirement’ in 2015. It was originally priced £75 from ASOS and sold out after we first featured it.

Featured: Nov 2012, Feb 2013 & Jan, 24 Feb 2015

Lauren’s Biker Jacket

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lauren - Biker Jacket with BadgesSoapStyle - EastEnders - Lauren & Joey - Biker Jacket with Badges

Lauren was first seen in this ZARA jacket well before SoapStyle even began! It became one of her most worn wardrobe items and our most requested find. Many viewers still have a soft spot for this whole look and you can check if any pre-loved ones are available here.

Featured: 2012 & Mar 2013

Lauren’s Red Tartan Biker Jacket

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lauren's Tartan Biker Jacket - In - EastEnders - Lauren's Red Tartan Biker Jacket - 9 January - Where From

Lauren briefly reverted back to her older style (pre pinafore dresses) in 2014. As she watched the Max / Kirsty drama unfold outside the Vic, Lauren wore a red tartan / check biker style jacket with black faux leather sleeves.

Our match from Primark’s AW13 range was very popular amongst Lauren’s fans. Love the look? Check for any on sale here.

Featured: 9 Jan & 14 Oct 2014

Lauren’s Blush Pink Biker Jacket

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lauren's Pink Biker Jacket - On ScreenSoapStyle - EastEnders - Lauren's Pink Biker Jacket - Where From

Lauren wore this lovely blush pink biker jacket for her date with Peter Beale, before they later became ‘official’.

The lovely rose gold effect fastenings especially caught our eye, adding a unique touch that makes this jacket seem more expensive than it actually was. At £34.99 from New Look, it was extremely popular.

We also ID’d her pink lace dress from the same outfit.

Featured: 21 Jun 2013

Lauren’s Khaki Green Utility Shirt Jacket (Shacket) - EastEnders - Lauren Khaki JacketEastEnders - Lauren's Khaki Green Utility Shirt Jacket - Where From

We remember Lauren regularly wearing a khaki utility jacket waaay back in late 2012 / early 2013 and it popped-up again along with some other older wardrobe pieces in 2014. This was an oldie from River Island.

Featured: 2012, 2013 & 12 May 2014

Lauren’s Khaki Green Military Coat - EastEnders - Lauren's Khaki Green Military Coat - 29th November - On Screen

We searched high and low for this coat and unfortunately couldn’t get an ID confirmed. Lauren wore a lot of River Island and Miss Selfridge in 2013, so we suspected it from either one of those stores.

Featured: 28 Nov 2013

Lauren’s Khaki Green Bomber Jacket

Picture of Lauren wearing her khaki green bomber jacket in EastEndersPicture of a match for Lauren's bomber jacket in EastEnders

Bomber jackets were a popular wardrobe item in EastEnders back in 2016; even Pam Coker got in on the action with a pretty floral one!

Viewers first saw Lauren wear the above jacket shortly after Lauren’s return from New Zealand, when she seemed to be reaching a new stage in her life (and wardrobe). It was seen on screen again in July 2017.

Featuring diamond quilted fabric with zip sleeve detail, our match was from here.

Featured: 10 Jun, 7 / 10 Oct 2016 & 20 Mar, 10 & 13 & 14 Jul 2017

Lauren’s Leather Look Baseball Bomber Jacket - EastEnders - Lauren Branning's Leather Look Varsity Baseball Jacket - 2nd September - On - EastEnders - Lauren Branning's Leather Look Varsity Baseball Jacket - 2nd September - Where From

First worn when Lauren attended her first group counselling session and met Jake Stone (Jamie Lomas), this leather-look varsity jacket featuring contrast black and white trim with popper buttons was from Pilot.

We also ID’d her black and white print dress at the same time.

Featured: 2 Sept 2013 & 10 Oct 2014

Lauren & Lucy’s Grey Suit - EastEnders - Lauren & Lucy's Grey Suit - Where FromLucy's Grey Suit - EastEnders - SoapStyle

Whilst it was a little odd that Lucy decided to ‘style’ Lauren in exactly the same clothes for LB Lettings, we absolutely loved their suits back in 2014! Both the suit jacket and trousers were from New Look, paired with a polka dot shirt.

This outfit later became quite iconic due to Lucy wearing it for one of her final photographs. Look carefully at the photos in the background at the Beales’ household and you might just spot it.

Featured: 28 Mar 2014 & 19 Feb 2015

Lauren’s Grey & Black Tweed Coat - EastEnders - Lauren's Grey Tweed Coat - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Grey Tweed Coat - Where From

Lauren’s grey speckled coat from Primark featured an on-trend biker style collar with quilted faux leather trim. It was a shame we didn’t get to see it more often! There might be a second chance to get one here.

Featured: Feb 2014 & 3 Feb 2015

Lauren’s Denim & Black Lace Jacket - EastEnders - Lauren's Denim Jacket - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Denim Jacket - Where From

Lauren has managed to find a bit of dosh to go on a shopping spree and add this jacket to her wardrobe. Featuring grey jersey sleeves and black lace detailing to the pockets, it was originally from River Island.

Lauren is wearing this jacket over her grey textured dress in our picture above.

Featured: 24, 25 Oct 2013 & 8 Sept 2014

Lauren’s Green Aztec Sleeve Jacket

Lauren's Khaki Aztec Sleeve Jacket - EastEnders - Episode - SoapStyle

Whilst browsing the market stalls on an impromptu shopping trip with Emma Summerhayes, Lauren wore the above utility-style jacket with multicolour knit sleeves.

This was from Primark in late 2013 and was only worn on screen once before the character set off for New Zealand.

Featured: 2 Dec 2014

Lauren’s Black Leather Gilet Waistcoat - EastEnders - Lauren's Black Leather Gilet Waistcoat - 13th August - On - EastEnders - Lauren's Black Leather Gilet Waistcoat - 13th August - Style Match

Lauren was dressed up for a night out at the R&R with Whitney and Lucy back in 2013. She wore a rock-chick faux leather gilet from New Look teamed with a blue crop top.

Featured: 13 Aug 2013

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