Kathy’s Lilac & Black Stripe Top / Tee

Kathy's Stripe Top in EastEnders - SoapStyleKathy's Stripe Top in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle


We have the details on Kathy’s striped t-shirt worn during multiple episodes of EastEnders.

This is our first post for Kathy, but marks our 600th fashion find here on SoapStyle! A big thank you to all our visitors.

We caught a first glimpse of this top during the 11th September 2015 episode, when Phil frantically tried to stop Kathy leaving by driving in front of her husband’s aeroplane. The character has worn it several times since – to the point that we’re willing for her to finally have a change of clothes!

Our match above was originally from Oasis. We think this may have been purchased around the time of Kathy’s first appearance earlier in 2015 because it has long since sold out.

First featured: 11, 17 & 18 Sept 2015
Also featured: 6 Oct 2015, 13 May 2016 & 2017