Denise’s Pastel Stripe Shirt


Picture of Denise Fox wearing her pastel stripe shirt in EastEnders this weekPicture of a match for Denise's pastel stripe shirt, as seen in the Soap EastEnders

Find out where Denise Fox’s (Diane Parish) shirt, as seen in EastEnders was from.

Looks like Denise may have taken some time out to treat herself to a spot of online clothes shopping if her shirt in tonight’s episode was anything to go by.

Featuring an abstract stripe print in a purple and blue pastel colour palette, this oversized shirt was originally available exclusively online from here earlier in 2016 sold out after we first featured it. Denise has since worn it a number of times.

First featured: 2 Sept 2016
Also featured: 5 / 6 Sept & 11 / 14 Nov 2016