Abi’s Blue Bird T-Shirt


Abi Branning's Blue Bird Tee in EastEnders - SoapStyleAbi Branning's Blue Bird Tee in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Details on Abi Branning’s light blue swallow print tee, worn in EastEnders.

Abi has a penchant for cute prints; particularly ones with an avian theme! Her silky bird blouse is still one of our most popular Abi finds here on SoapStyle.

We had a hunch that this may have been an older wardrobe item when we first featured it in 2015 and we were right. This was from New Look possibly as far back as 2012. Abi wore this again in April and September 2017.

First featured: 11 Aug 2015
Also featured: 15 Sept 2015, 27 Apr & 8-12 Sept 2017