Abi’s Bird Print Blouse


Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald) wearing her bird print blouse in EastEndersA match for Abi Branning's bird print blouse in EastEnders

Details on Abi’s bird print blouse, as worn in EastEnders.

Back in 2013 we noticed that Abi had some lovely new additions to her wardrobe. Her massive heart jumper was finally packed away and replaced with pretty printed tops. This definitely marked a style transition for the character from being very girly (borderline childish at times) to something more grown-up and fashionable.

One of her new wardrobe items back then was this lovely bird print silk blouse from Warehouse. It has since become one of Abi’s favourite tops; with us estimating no less than ten on screen appearances, up to October 2017!

Some auction and ‘Buy it Now’ listings for this shirt pop-up occasionally — you can check if any are available via our tailored search here.

Featured: 10 Jun 2013
Also seen: 7 Nov 2013, 23 Feb, 30 Jul, 23 Nov 2015 & 28 Mar, 6 Jun, 18 Oct 2016 & 2 Jan, 23 Oct 2017