Sophie’s Faux Suede Mac Coat

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Picture of Sophie wearing her suede mac trench coat in CorriePicture of a match for Sophie Webster's suedette mac coat in Coronation Street

The details on Sophie Webster’s (Brooke Vincent) suedette mac, worn in Coronation Street.

Sophie has worn this coat a number of times since its debut during the Coronation Street live episode back in September 2015. Our match above has sold out from Lipsy but we later found this coat with Free UK Delivery from here.

Sophie wore this again throughout April 2017.

Featured: 23 Sept 2015
Also seen: 7 Dec 2015 & 6/22 Jan, 19 Feb, 22 Apr, 12 Sept 2016 & 2017
Note: The model above wears the sleeves pushed-up.